Friday, September 7, 2012


My husband and I love shopping for antiques together and I recently started collecting old vintage train cases and small suitcases. I find that they are perfect for organizing my scrapbook/smashing supplies. I also love the unique look these items give my studio/office and being "GREEN" is a BONUS!! We try to do our part (at least that's the way I justify spending the money on my antique finds!) Lol

So my mission for the last few months has been to find a way to store my growing collection of Copic Markers. I wanted something that was functional but also portable. I like to color in various locations depending on my mood :) I also like to color in my car while waiting for the kids to get out of school (love the natural light it provides!) so I definitely needed something I could easily travel with! Anyway...I think I'm rambling! Better get on with it!

Hubby stumbled upon a local antique shop last week. He was browsing around and came across this vintage looking box.

Cool looking right?!?! I know!!
When he opened up the box he found that it was used for storing photo slides with cool plastic drawers that slide out.


Knowing that I love to reuse old vintage boxes and cases, he sent me a text with a picture attached  and asked if I was interested. What a awesome hubby!! Of course I was interested!! I immediately thought that it may work for storing my Copic Markers and if they didn't I would definitely find another use for it. As an added bonus the shop owner sold it to hubby for only $5.00!! Someone else had put a deposit on it over a year ago and never came back for it and the $5.00 was the remaining balance. I thought that was sweet of him since he could have charged full price. ((HUGS)) to that shop owner!!
So I'm sure you are dying to know....did it work for the markers?!?!?!


I'm so excited that I know have a portable carrying case for my Copic Markers!


For now I have left the top sliding drawer in place to hold various markers and pens. It also holds the Copic Markers underneath in place. When my Copic collection grows I can easily remove the top drawer to make room.

Anyway...sorry for the long post and the rambling! I must be lonely since the kids are back in school!!
Thank for looking! Have a great weekend! Gentle Hugs!




  1. awesome vintage box... what a score! x

  2. way to go, perfect, love love love that case, hugs

  3. Wow - love it! What a great way to store your copics! My collection is growing too! x